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Multiple locations bundle app

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I manage a store with multiple locations.

Looking for a bundle app that will support multiple locations fulfillment in such a way that it will count inventory only for the specific location and not aggregate all inventory across locations.  

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We have done some customising of our bundling app for multi warehouses -

If your orders are getting allocated to warehouses then this should already update inventory correctly. If you would like to discuss further send me an email to



Bundleup - bundle your products and unbundle your orders.
MYOB Sync - connect your MYOB account to sync orders, customers, payments and inventory.
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Hi @rbz14,


If you need a solution for managing bundle inventory in a store with multiple locations, Simple Bundles has got you covered. Our app provides two options to calculate bundle inventory.


With location-based inventory, you can determine the availability of bundle items in each location. This means that all items needed to create a bundle must be present in a single location, and the contents of the bundle will be shipped together from that location. However, this method may limit the merchant's ability to fulfill orders if a specific location runs out of stock.


To implement this feature, you need to follow these steps:


1. Ensure that the "Track quantity" option is enabled for the bundle product variant in Shopify and set up for multiple locations.




2. Enable "Track quantity" for all items in the bundle and set the correct quantities for all locations you want to monitor.


3. In the Simple Bundles settings, turn on "Enable automatic inventory sync for bundle quantities" and "Enable Location-based inventory method".




I hope this helps! We will be available to address any further queries you may have, please reach out to the team. Thanks!


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