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Multiple Products on one SKU

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Hi everyone,

We have a store selling babygrows, and I'm looking to offer multipacks at a discounted rate.

We use a fulfilment centre, so we need one product showing to the customer, but when it comes through as an order, we need to be able to see the SKUs that it's made up of. We're quite adamant we want one product showing 'Girls Babygrow Pack' with a separate image of the bundle so it's easy for a customer to simply select one. 

Has anyone else had this and are there any recommended apps for this?




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Hey Evie

We actually developed a new application for this very reason as couldn't find one that would work for some of our users.

The way it functions is you load your products or create new ones and assign the bundled components to them. They are sold on Shopify as any other standard product.

Once an order comes in for one we update the order lines to the individual components so that the order can be fulfilled correctly.

Let me know if you would like it set up and tested. My team can give you a demo if you prefer. You can email me at



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