Multiple tracking numbers for one order (Fulfillment)

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Hi Shopify Community,


Im updating our app to use REST API 2022-10 but im meeting some issues regarding fulfillment.

I have some customers that need to add multiple tracking numbers to their orders which i cant seem to figure out anymore how to in the API.

My request data:

	"fulfillment": {
		"message": "TEST",
		"notify_customer": 1,
		"tracking_info": {
				"number": "123",
				"url": "",
				"company": "test"
		"line_items_by_fulfillment_order": [
				"fulfillment_order_id": 5667935289499

Before update i was able to add keys like:




These keys could be arrays, but now am not able to add "numbers", "urls". It only support string and therefore one tracking number only.

This is a huge issue and hope you can help me out here.


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