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my account being charged after I deleted my app

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I recently downloaded an seo plugin alp I didn't even use the app I deleted the app before trial was over yet they still charged my account. Does this happen alot? This is so annoying. They even sent me a email asking me why I deleted the app and hours later they charged me. Worst experience ever. Worst customer service I feel like I am getting scammed.I feel like these services are just messing with there customers.Also feel like I am just paying for pitiful  work on my site for extra money.Sometimes I pay do not even know if they did the work or not. I am really frustrated with these non professional third party apps. why doesn't shopify connect us with legit apps that really work???

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Yes, happens often and you have to fight to get a refund. Im still waiting for 40$ from bold apps 

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Hi @noella,

If you deleted the app before the trial period was over, you certainly qualify for a refund and Shopify support can help you get it as this would be a blatant violation of Shopify's terms of service.

FYI, when you install an app with a free trial, it will state very clearly "You will be charged on [Payment date]" so I don't think an app even has the ability to charge you if you delete the app before that date. At any rate, you need to contact Shopify Support who can help facilitate the refund process with the app developer.

Good luck!

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Thank you for the info Micheal.

I am certain I did delete it be fore the trial date but it was auto pay on my pay pal I think thats how they managed to charge me.

I will definitely get shopify help on this one if matters do not execute.