My Facebook pixel is not working

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Hello guys!

I updated the Facebook app (new version) and it seems to correctly displays my facebook pixel.

However, I run a facebook ad campaign and there is no tracking. I don't understand because:

- I do not have any line in my code (head tag)

- The pixel code is the same on my shop and in my business facebook manager


Could you help me on this?





Hi @JonathanDiane ,

1. Have you tested to see if the pixel implemented correctly? You can do it easily by installing the FB pixel helper on Google Chrome:

2. If you don't see it, I suggest 2 possible solutions:

A. If you know your way around the theme code, then take the pixel script and implement it directly in the header section of your theme.

B. Use a third-party app, like AdScale, to create and run your Facebook ads. The good thing about working with AdScale is that it's making the entire connection of your Facebook assets and implementation of your Facebook pixel automatically, during the onboarding process. 




You can learn more about how it works in this video:



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Hi @JonathanDiane ,

Try using Google Chrome Extension, Fb Pixel Helper and check if you can see the pixel logs.

How you have added FB pixel on your store, through Fb channel App or through scripts?

You can try this app Addyz which we have developed. Its a ad automation and optimisation platform. During the onboarding process, its guide will help you check pixel status on your store and can rectify and solve the problem. Also, you can take help from our agent to guide you setting up pixel correctly and also point out any other issues if any

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