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Hello dear,

I would like to pay for my VITALS app subscription which is (26.99 USD).

But I noticed that in my invoice it is integrated the payment of my Shopify subscription (29.00 USD).
I would like to inform you that my Shopify plan is already paid, but my VITALS subscription has still been paid.

But in my invoice it is displayed that I have to pay a total of 55.99 USD (shopify + vitals plan) (29 + 26.99).

Please solve this problem so that I can only pay my bill of 26.99 (VITALS).

Warm Regards,

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Are you certain that your Shopify bill has already been payed? In my experience, when I am autobilled for having over $200 in fees, I am not billed for the Shopify subscription at the time. I would double check your last bill and see if you did pay for Shopify this month.

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