Need a Good Inventory Management App...Help!

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We are a small mom and pop bee supply store in Colorado...but are getting ready to start shipping to other states through our website.  We have less than 1000 products, no warehouses, but doing inventory is a nightmare and trying to keep up with it once we start shipping...well, it's holding us back.  What inventory app would you guys recommend for us that won't cost us an arm and a leg, but will make doing end of year inventory and periodic re-stocking inventory less of a chore?  I'm overwhelmed with all of the apps available and just don't know what will work best for us.

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I have recently launched an app that helps with inventory planning. Please do check out if it can be of help.

I will be happy to extend the trial period and add a discounted rate. Also eager to get suggestions and feedbacks to improve and add more useful features.





Building SKULogi – AI based Demand Forecasting and Inventory Planning

If interested check out this blog for more details.

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Hi @RMBeeSupply,

Our App EasyScan will be perfect for you!

It is great for managing your inventory, updating inventory, and stock checks - all by just using a barcode scanner.

Plus you can even fulfill and create orders directly within the app just by scanning the product barcodes, no more time spelling the product name correctly!

If you and your boss would like a demo please reach out to me -  

Thanks and have a great day!



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Here is a free solution (first account) that you can see if it will work for your store. It enables you to manage inventory and the location of that inventory if that's something you plan to utilize for efficiency purposes. It will also help you pick pack and ship batches of orders for much faster fulfillment. 

It will sync stock up between the app and Shopify so as you fulfill and ship orders, all your inventory is updated in real-time. This system will also help to manage the growth of your store so as you have more inventory, expand to a warehouse, or start tracking purchase orders based on order volume, you will have the tools to do so. 

Get started with a free account or schedule a meeting to discuss in more detail your unique situation.

The best Shopify Inventory Management App: Purchases, Bin Locations, Visual Inventory, Warehouse Management, Pick Pack Ship, Cycle Counts, and more.
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I have built a free Back in Stock app that allows you to send Unlimited back in stock emails to your customers. 

Do check it out (it also gives you a list of your most wanted products and waitlists).

You can find it at