Re: Need a Product Customizer/Configurator that changes text on Product by Dropdown

Need a Product Customizer/Configurator that changes text on Product by Dropdown

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I'm looking for an app where I can place Text on an image that is chosen by dropdown. 


Screenshot Image.png


So for example: On the image above I want there to be a dropdown labeled  "Starting Day" where you can choose Tuesday and the Monday in the image above would change to Tuesday. Then would be drop down for Ending Day, Opening Time, and closing time. I realize I can use an app like Advanced Product Options to basically make every conceivable option with images in Illustrator, but it would be so much easier if I could simply created an overlay on this image that goes where Monday is and uses Digital text to change it. (note: I know i can also use something like Zepto to have people write in text, but my customer is afraid they will screw it up unless its a set option in a dropdown).


Can anyone recommend an app that would accomplish this?

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Description isn't clear.

Is the image shown only a representation of a design example, or do you literally mean the options need to able to appear on arbitrary images on the website.

If arbitrary images your not gonna find a personalization app like that easily without digging, if at all.


If not arbitrary images , but more like a product-variant-options, "swatch" could be more the feature your looking for to have an image related to a specific option.

Alot of themes have swatch-image behavior to show either images based on a file name convention of each variants featured image, though generally it's pigeonholed to only activate on a "color" option. 


Alternatively a theme customization can be saner,  especially if this exists for ALL products, or a simple subset products.  


In some themes you can add custom-liquid blocks to the product-info area, or the product-form simplifying the above process.

 Otherwise it means either editing theme code to insert the custom line-item-properties into the theme form, or if they exist outside the product form properly associating the inputs to the correct form id through the inputs form attribute 


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Hi Zkendall99, 

You could consider Kickflip to create pre-defined text answers in a dropdown menu so your customers could choose from the different options (Monday, Tuesday..) and visualize them dynamically in the product display. You can go see and try by yourself all of Kickflip’s app features with a free trial. Do not hesitate to reach out or to book a demo if you have any questions.


I hope this helps!

Ophélie Jeanne | Kickflip
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