Need a solution to apply bulk discounts for a print shop

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Hello, I'm building a Shopify store for a print shop client. They want to apply bulk discounts applied to same variants; this means that, for example, if a customer orders:

  • Cart Item A: 10 prints of image A printed on Matte Paper, 5x7 size
  • Cart Item B: 10 prints of image B printed on Matte Paper, 5x7 size
  • Cart Item C: 5 prints of image C printed on Archival Cotton Paper, 5x7 size

then a bulk discount will be applied to Cart Items A & B since (although different images), they are both printed on Matte Paper, 5x7 size.


I have tried different bulk discount apps - however, their "same variant quantity" settings don't seem to work. In troubleshooting with one of the developers, it seems this might be because I have an image upload app that makes the same variants appear like different products on the cart page. (See attached image below - quantity greater than 10 should trigger a discount, but none are applied to the items in the cart, which are the same variant but they have different images attached with them). 


Screenshot 2023-11-26 at 1.33.06 PM.png


Does anyone know a solution for this? Is there an app out there that would be able to apply discounts to same variants without associating the uploaded images? Would my client have to higher a developer to get this kind of feature custom-coded?


Any insight appreciated, thank you!

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