Need additional product images and youtube videos to work with shapeways app.

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Hello All,

I need some suggestions. I am using the Shapeways app to import all my 3d products from their site into my Shopify store. There are thee issues.

1. to import the products currently 400+ I need to override the products each time I upload their csv file this happens weekly

2. One shapeways I have several images for my products. some are my 3d renderings, some are the products customers have bought and photographed.

3. a few of my products have you tube videos injected to show the item as a 360


According the shapeways they cant give me the additional image urls or video urls in their csv and have no plans to add features to the app

So my questions are:

1. is there a way for me to add product images and videos and not have them blown away when I load the next csv in override products mode?

2. If there an app that will allow me to add additional images or content for a product outside of what I get in te csv that I can add to the product page?

thanks for your help




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