Need an App that allows for Lower Price Options

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Hello, I have tried and tried to find an app that works the way I need it to, but all the 'Options' apps only allow you to upsell or add price for options. What I need is to subtract from the price for options.

Here's a made-up example: I'm selling a cupcake for $20, I want to give the option to buy "without sprinkles for $2 off" or perhaps "No Sprinkles -20%" ... if checked it would be $18 for the cupcake.

I don't want to spend over $10 for the app if we can help it, I only have one small functionality I need.

If I'm able to achieve this through the regular Shopify variants please let me know.


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Hey @JK101349,

Depending on how many options you have, this should be achievable using variants alone. Each variant can have a separate price. So in your example you can have a “Cupcake” Product and then 2 variants, “With sprinkles” and “Without sprinkles”, the former having a price of $20 and the latter having a price of $18. 

This is trivial in your example case, but might not be so simple in your actual use case. 

Hope that helps!