Need an app the promotes a free item on the product page itself and then properly adds it to the car

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So need an app the will show the customer that a free (or possibly discounted) item can be added when the purchase the main item.


The built in shopify discount system relies on the person adding the other item to their cart to get it.

If they don't know there is a sale thats useless.


So needs to display the offer on the product page.

Give the option to add the offer

And add the proper squ to the cart so inventory is handled properly.


Also have the availability to set start and end times.

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Hi @JustinNJI'm Garcia, a CRO expert from PageFly - Page Builder App. 

About showing the items can be brought with the main product in the product page, you can try to take a look at the following apps:

  • All in one Automatic Discount: you can use the BOGO Discount of this app.
  • Zoorix | Bundles & Cross Sell

About the countdown timer in product page, you can consider using one of the following apps:

  • Essential Countdown Timer
  • Avada Trust badges, pop-up
  • Additionally, any page builder apps in Shopify apps market not only provide the capability to incorporate countdown timers but also empower you to craft and personalize your pages, enhancing their visual appeal and effectively boosting conversion rates.

Hope that my suggestions can help you!

Please let me know if it works by giving it a Like or marking it as a solution!

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Hi @JustinNJ,

For featuring your free items on relevant product pages, you can use the Easify Product Options appExplore the following demo (free bookmark with book purchase) for reference and setup instructions 🤗:



  • Create Your Main and Free Products: Start by adding your main and free products to your Shopify store.

  • Install the Easify Product Options app: After installation, create a new option set within the app.

  • Add a Free Item Option: In the option set, add an option representing your free item. Use a suitable display type (e.g., Checkbox, Image Swatches) and employ the Add-on product feature to link the free option to your existing free product for effective inventory management.




  • Assign the Free Item Option: Assign the free item option to your main product, ensuring it appears on the relevant product page.



  • Regarding Start and End Times: Currently, the app doesn't have an automatic feature for managing the start and end times of free items. However, you can manually control this by disabling the option set in the app when you want to stop offering the free item.

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