Need an app which suits for "custom made" with chat box as per the requirement given below.

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I am working on the addition of custom made clothing. for my products.. the below is the requirement.Can anyone suggests what kind of app suits for this requirement?

'Custom made' to be worked on with the focus on chat box & telecommunication in the first phase.

Order process for custom made shirts & trousers to be given some thought: 'Custom made' should be the first option in the size drop down? (There must be a 'contact us/chat box pop up' when they choose this)
 There are other customizations that a customer can request for, but this can only be explained via call/chat box/emaila. Request to copy their garment/s exactly (fit & style)
b. Request to copy their fit but use our style and vice versa
c. Request for physical swatches
d. Request for additional swatches that aren't available on the website (e.g larger collection of blues)
e. Request for trial shirts of our standard sizes

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