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Need help disabling partial fulfillment email logic (using an in-person pickup app)

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Hi there,

My name is Ash and I'm helping a meal prep business set up their store in Shopify. We are L&E Muscle Meals and I'm in the process of moving our current Squarespace store to Shopify, which is currently using the .net extension vs the one I linked above which is using the .com

Problem: I don't know how to edit the business logic in the "shipping notification" email template to turn off the partial fulfillment options from being sent out.

Context: On a given morning ~4:00am, the staff will prepare meals for pickup later in the day. The way this and most local pickup apps work is that there is a "local pickup" product that gets added to every order as a product line item, fixed at $0. We're using an app for local pickup called "Store Pickup by Genie Apps." All other shipping options are turned off. This makes our orders binary in nature for fulfillment, but currently the way the existing code is set up... it will trigger a cascading set of "some items are ready" and then the inevitable "your last item is ready for pickup."

Proposed Solution: I would like for us to be able to bulk fulfill the day's orders from the Order page and send out one single notification that "Your meals are ready for pickup."

Existing code snippet and default in Shopify's Shipping Confirmation email:

{% if fulfillment.fulfillment_line_items.count == item_count %} {% capture shipment_name %}Your order is{% endcapture %} {% elsif fulfillment.item_count > 1 %} {% if fulfillment_status == 'fulfilled' %} {% capture shipment_name %}The last items in your order are{% endcapture %} {% else %} {% capture shipment_name %}Some items in your order are{% endcapture %} {% endif %} {% else %} {% if fulfillment_status == 'fulfilled' %} {% capture shipment_name %}The last item in your order is{% endcapture %} {% else %} {% capture shipment_name %}One item in your order is{% endcapture %} {% endif %} {% endif %} {% if attributes.Checkout-Method == "pickup" %} {% capture email_title %}{{ shipment_name }} ready for pickup{% endcapture %} {% capture email_body %}
<p>{% if fulfillment.item_count == item_count %}All{% elsif fulfillment_status == 'fulfilled' %}The last{% else %}Some{% endif %} of the items from order {{ name }} are now ready for pickup from:

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