Need Help Retrieving Shopify App Extension UUID

Need Help Retrieving Shopify App Extension UUID

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Hi everyone,

I'm working on a Shopify app extension, and my goal is to create a deep link that takes users directly to the editor page while automatically adding the app extension.
According to the Shopify docs, there is this part of the deep link called `SHOPIFY_EXTENSION_NAME_ID`, which as per docs could be retrieved from the `.env` file. [Link for this doc]


I have already deployed the extension and executed `npm run shopify app env show`. However, I couldn't find the `SHOPIFY_EXTENSION_NAME_ID` in the output. The only details shown were API key, API secret, and scopes.


Just to provide some context, I am using Shopify CLI version 3.
Could someone guide me on how to obtain the `SHOPIFY_EXTENSION_NAME_ID` for my Shopify app extension?



I have also attempted an alternative solution by inspecting the app extension in the editor and searching for `&app_embed_uuid`, but i couldn't find it.


Thanks in advance!

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