Need help to Migrate my shopify embedded app to App Bridge 2.0

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We received an email from Shopify regarding,

Your app have been detected as using the Embedded App SDK (EASDK) or its backwards compatibility layer, which will be removed from Shopify on Jan 1, 2022

We had a Published Shopify app created 6 months ago using Embedded SDK. What we have done is:

1. We have a PHP file in our server which contains the HTML and Javascript codes for our app like app Dashboard, Settings etc.

2. In the Javascript section, we have added the below code:

as per the MIGRATE TO APP BRIDE 2.0 blog I have made few changes into javacscript code as below.

<script src=""></script>

<script type="text/javascript">

var AppBridge = window['app-bridge'];
var actions = window['app-bridge'].actions;

var createApp = AppBridge.createApp;
const app = createApp({
apiKey: '#############',
shopOrigin: '##########3',

After the changes done We have installed the app on demo store. App gets installed successfully.
Also APP is working fine.
How will get to know that our app is successfully migrated from SDK to App Bridge?
Is there any changes we need to do in OAuth process?


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Hello @hasrat,
I am also migrating Embedded SDK to App Bridge 2.0. Did anyone confirmed that the above given steps will migrate it or anything else needed?