Need recommendation for the best Shopify app for newbie

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I'm about to start and have done some researches about must-have tools for newbies. Here I list them below. Which is the best app for newbie?
Looking for more recommendation from you guys. I'm just a noob now so very appreciated for your help!

  • Oberlo: Import products

  • Ali Reviews: Import product reviews

  • Page Fly: Set up store

  • Re Convert: Set up thank you page

  • Klaviyo: Make email marketing

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Hi @Landyy09 , welcome to the community. It would be much better if you let us know what kind of products you're selling. Then we'd know what advice to give.

- Though in my opinion, Email Marketing App is a must-have app. You should start building the email list from the beginning with and nurture the customers.

- A popup app is an effective tool to increase conversion and create a call to action. Especially Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales season is coming. Since you're a beginner, I'd recommend Sales Pop Master - Countdown by Autoketing. It has all of the features that other super popular, highly recommended Popup Apps have. Sales Pop Master - Countdown is unlikely to get advertised so it isn't as popular. However, in my opinion, popularity isn't that important. The features are the same and yet Sales Pop Master - Countdown has more simple and easy to customize for the beginner. 

Hope your Shopify business thrives. Cheers!

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Search Engine Optimization is always on the to-do list of every online business owner. Doing SEO the right way can help you get more traffic and then gain more sales by improving your website's position in the search engine. So choosing a good SEO app for your Shopify store is crucial. My recommendation is the AVADA SEO Suite app, you can see the app in the first place of SEO category in the Shopify App store. It's full of useful features and more important, it's FREE FOREVER!

So kindly take a look and tell me what do you think about our app 😉 Hope it helps!

I'm Jason Dao, Manager of Research & Development Department at Avada Ecommerce.

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Hi Landyy & All! 


We have 3 apps that may be useful for you! A store credit app, Store Import app (helps with FBA products), and FBA Shipping app! 

Below are some resoures for you that include videos, FAQ's, and more information about our apps!
FAQ's -
How to use ByteStand-Import Video -
How to use FBA Shipping Video -
How to use Fresh Credit Video -

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Once your sales start picking up, it's also recommended you invest in a dedicated fraud prevention system in place. Almost all merchants have chargeback issues in the first few hundred sales.

Decrease fraudulent orders, stop chargebacks with Beacon. The most customizable fraud and risk management system built for Shopify businesses

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Hello @Landyy09,

You can try AiTrillion. It is an all in one Shopify app with all essential marketing features in a single app. It has features like Email Marketing, Loyalty Program, Product Recommendation, Referral Program, Affiliate Marketing, announcement & timers bars, Shopify POS, Reviews, LiveChat and others. I am sure you will find it useful. Make your marketing game strong with integration and automation.

AiTrillion offers all these tools under one roof. It saves your cost as you don’t have to pay for multiple apps. It is easy to install, manage & customer service is amazing!


Read Best apps for a new Shopify store: Read the Pros and Cons of every app and decide the best for you to start with.


Hope this helps!


Sachin D | Shopify Growth Expert @ AiTrillion

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Hi @Landyy09 

Nice selections of apps. I can recommend you two more free apps. As a new store its important to protect cart abandonment and make your store a little more interactive so that you can reduce the store exits and get some fast conversions. One app is Wheelify Exit Intent Pop up that will allow you to capture the email ids of the new visitors and trigger a discount spin a sale pop up game to give discount codes to the visitors. The other free app is Sales Pop up - Conversion Pro that will show recent sales notifications to your potential buyers to boost their buying confidence and build social proof. It will also allow you to run a stock countdown timer to create a sense of urgency. I think these two apps will be a valuable addition to your marketing inventory. Good Luck

Shopify Marketing Solutions:

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If you want to chat with customers who are Messenger users, you can use Facebook Chat Box. It will show a chat icon and chat popup on your store. You can chat with them if they contact you first.
Moreover, you can recover cart abandonment by sending message to customers' Messenger or notify when an order is confirmed. 


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You should take a try a Ali Reviews. This app just has updated to the new version and is providing 7-day free trial with no charge approved, so you have chane to explore all the exclusive features such as: 

  • Import reviews from multiple sources:  
    Ali Reviews makes it simpler for you to import reviews directly from AliExpress or other sources via CSV file and display them on your website elegantly, making your store stand out from the rest.

  • Import sample reviews with photos: 

    In the previous version, you can only import only-text reviews from CSV file but in The new Ali Reviews, you’ll be able to insert photos to any products to make your reviews more eye-catching and attractive. Get instant photo reviews for products that lack reviews!

  • Collect more reviews by sending automate email request: 
    Ali Reviews helps store owners collect reviews from their customers by sending them automated and easy-to-submit Review Request Emails. Even better, you can freely customize to details to make your emails more branded.

  • Various styles of Review Widgets to enhance store's looks:

    In The New Ali Reviews, review widget is a form of displaying reviews in up to 7 layouts across all pages of your store to showcase reviews attractively.

  • Display conditions to increase abandon rate 

    Ali Reviews has the Audience option for showing review widgets based on individual customer profile. Thus, you can target your customers to send the right reviews to increase purchasing ratio and decrease abandon rate. 

For more information, you can visit Ali Reviews' App Store here: The New Ali Reviews App Store  

The 7-day trial is 100% risk-free and no charged approved, should try this! 

FireApps - Premium e-commerce solutions come together for your growth

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As you have researched well, I would like to add a few more apps to help you manage your store, product management, shipping and fulfillment, finance, etc. Look out for apps like 

  • Ablestar - offers bulk product edit tools with customization and scheduling options.
  • PageFly - to create attractive landing pages and product pages.
  • Instafeed - for Instagram marketing tools.
  • ShipStation - to provide seamless order fulfillment services
  • Track123 - for order tracking and statuses
  • Uppromote - to use influencer or affiliate marketing to promote your products
  • Rivo - to boost your upsell through email pop-ups, discount/rewards pop-ups, etc.
  • Quickbooks - to manage your store finances.

Along with all the above, you would require efficient helpdesk software to streamline your customer support services. I recommend you check out Helplama Helpdesk - for its AI-enabled intelligent ticketing system, omnichannel support features, and more.


P.S I recommend that you take advantage of the 15-day free trial to explore the tool. 

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Hello Landyy09,


Thanks for reaching out to the community!


Well, there is one app that you shall not miss - SEOKart.


SEOKart is an all-in-one SEO app that can help you optimize your website or online store for the search engine, which best suits the needs of a newbie. Let me list the amazing features of this app:


  • SEO Audit: You can use this feature to carry out an in-depth SEO audit of the website based on 15 SEO factors, which helps in identifying SEO-related issues on the website that are categorized under meta tags, content, image, URL, and broken links. Based on the identified issues, different pages of the website are awarded SEO scores, and you also can benefit from AI-generated suggestions to fix the issues and improve the SEO score of the pages and website.
  • Image Optimizer: This feature helps you to optimize the images on the website by compressing the file size of the images to reduce their loading time, and changing the file format (JPEG or PNG) of the image to suit the requirements of the website. This feature also lets you add a keyword to the images’ file names and alt texts.
  • Bulk Optimizer: With the help of this feature, you can customize a template for different types of pages on the website using diverse labels, like product name, description, URL, SKU, etc. Thereafter, you can enable the option and optimize different pages of the website in bulk.
  • Cruise Control: Similarly, you can use the cruise control option to automate the optimization process for new pages on the website. Once you enable this option, all the newly added pages on the website get optimized automatically. 
  • Rank Tracker: Using this feature, you can track the rank of your website for certain keywords, considering the 4 variables, namely country, language, device, and search engines. You can also consider the keyword suggestions that are AI-generated and best suit the nature of your business. Furthermore, you can also add your three key competitors, and compare the ranking of your website with competitors’.
  • Google Analytics: There is an integration of Google Analytics 4 (GA4) with the app, which allows the app to pull up quantifiable information from GA4 and present it in the form of graphs, charts, and diagrams. These visual presentations of the data make it easier for the users to make comparisons.
  • Rich Snippets: Rich Snippets allow the website to present additional information about the website and its content on the results page, which helps the website stand out on SERP. Using this app, you can add the Product Markup Snippet, FAQs Snippet, and Home Page Snippet for your website. 
  • URL Editor: This feature lets you optimize the URL structure, which includes adding a keyword to the URL and reducing its length (to make it easier for the users to share it). Once edited, the traffic can be redirected to a new URL by implementing 301 Redirects that permanently transfer the value of the old URL to the new one.
  • 404 Fixer: This feature allows the users to assess the website and identify all the broken links on the website. The traffic can then be redirected to the right location using 301 Redirects.
  • Page Speed: With the help of this feature, you can check and track the speed of the website, different pages of the website, and category pages. You can also pull up the historical data, and compare the improvement in the speed of the website after integration of SEOKart with your website. The app offers an add-on service - ‘Page Speed Optimization’, which costs $149 per service, but every month certain eligible stores get this service for free.

Hope it helps!