Need to display customer's gift card in his account section.

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We have one requirement to display the customer's gift card when the customer logged in.

I have searched API reference as well as the liquid reference but I haven't found anything related to that

Can someone help me with this?

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Hi @milindpatel, I'm Neomi from app,

We specialize in gift cards & loyalty store credit solutions.

We created the loyalty card so every customer could check his account balance at any moment.

The loyalty card accumulates all of the customers' store credit including gift cards, store credit refunds, and store credit rewards.

We also created a gift card balance page, where the customer can check his gift card balance.

Here are some of our best examples


Check out our listing page and feel free to contact me at

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The cost of your product is EXTREMELY expensive for people that have small, but a LOT of transactions. I'm so tired of these Shopify developers that nickel and dime Shopify Merchants to death!

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How is the gift card determined? I mean is it a different card per customer or based on what?


The app in my signature can help to display custom content on the account page, like pages based on customer tags, or customer metafields. It also has a Loyalty Program based on points, whereas points can be redeemed by discounts (also you can set it up to redeem 1 point per 1 unit currency if you want to emulate gift cards or a credit system)

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