Need true promotion code (for tracking), not a discount code

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Looking for an app or setting that will provide a true promotion code (tag per se, for tracking). We do not need a discount code as we are not offering a discount. Rather, event attendees and online visitors will utilize the promotion code, either entering the code or scanning QR code. Following the promotion, we will be donating X percent of those purchases to a non-profit organization.

I've been unable to locate an app that provides this functionality, and the built-in discount code functionality will not allow 0$ or 0% codes.

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Hello @WDCC 


The best way to track QR Codes sessions and revenue within Shopify is to use UTM parameters in your QR Codes links (if you don't know what UTMs are I suggest you check this page: Setting up UTM parameters on your QRs links allows you to track sessions and conversions from QR Codes directly on Shopify Analytics reports and on Google Analytics. With the data from Shopify and Google Analytics you would then be able to track the revenue from your promotion for your donation.


My personal suggestion is to try our app Releasit QR Code Generator that allows you to generate QR Codes that automatically have UTM parameters and tracking incorporated.

Specifically the app allows you to check quickly how many times every QR Code was scanned from the Dashboard:


Then within Shopify you will be able to find these reports for each QR Code that tell you how many sessions / add to carts / orders and revenue generated from that QR Code:



And finally if you use Google Analytics (if you don't I highly suggest you start using it) you will also have detailed reports about the QR Codes there (including location data).


You can install the app for free from the Shopify App Store here:


If you need help we are always available via email, WhatsApp or Telegram and you can find our contact information on the app!


Hope this helps, if you have any doubts or questions please don't hesitate to ask!


Marco from Releasit