Need Urgent Help With Walmart Marketplace App

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We recently started with Shopify and wanted to integrate our Walmart Marketplace store. For that purpose we used Walmart Marketplace App. There are some serious issues with the app. There is not way to do any setting.

The biggest issue we are facing is with the inventory levels it need. We have to atleast have more than 25 units then only it will sent the qty to otherwise it marks them out of stock. Its basically a safeguard for not overselling, but it should be customizable and let seller decide how much buffer they need. In our case we us inventory management software which provides us this safe guard. Now its causing issue for syncing the inventories. 

We are planning to disconnect the app with our Walmart store but looks like if we do so it will unpublish (or retire not sure) all our listing which is a big disruption to our business.

Need some urgent help either in overriding 25 unit restriction or be able to disconnect without any impact on our walmart listings. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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How were you apply to get your application process going? I'm having a difficult time figuring out the W-9 and EIN area. They ask you to upload both but don't specifically state what they want.


Do I upload a blank W9? Also for EIN (Which I have) what information are they looking for me to upload?

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Hi Did you get a response? Trying to figure out how to integrate my new shopify store with walmart as well.