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I need a volume discount app that works with an ajax cart and also will display the correct price of product variants on a table displayed on the product page.  I've tried bulk discounts now and volume discounts app.  The first doesn't allow the cart to pop up when you add to cart, the second doesn't display the correct price in the table as you change product variants, it stays on the default selection's price.

Anybody know an app that does both?

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Hey @Giants_Fan,


Have you already checked PickyStory's Kits deal?


Kits enable you to upsell with tiered pricing and quantity breaks to incentivize customers to add more products - Buy X Get Y.

Buy 3 A+B+C for $100 or 6 for $120

Buy 2 A+B+C for 10% or 3 for 20%

See live example here



Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Paulo M. | PickyStory
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Do you know if your app will work for my situation?  Will it update the discount table when a customer changes variants?  Will the app prevent the ajax cart from functioning properly?

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Hi @Giants_Fan,


Product price and discounted price are automatically updated when selecting different variants.


Also, our app won't affect the functionality of your ajax cart and we can also integrate with it.

Paulo M. | PickyStory
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Hi @Giants_Fan ,

I developed an app which can help you to create clean quantity breaks offers.

The widget display the current discount dynamically ( see screenshot below ) and works fine with variants


The best part is that you can stack coupon codes and automatic discounts on top of your quantity breaks offer

The app is called DiscountDuck and you can find it on the Shopify app store :  

Feel free to contact me if you need help with the integration, it should integrate with your ajax cart but if it doesn't, contact me, I'll take care of it.


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You can try a free app called DoubleC Upsell & Cross sell on the app store which can help sellers to offer flash deals of special products.

The app will show a popup when a customer clicks the Add to cart button or Checkout button (on the Cart page) on your store. This is the way to provide additional value to customers by informing them about special offers of products that they may not already know about.