New Desktop Application for Store Owners for Bulk Pricing Updates

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  • One-Time Cost, Lifetime Benefit: Say goodbye to monthly subscriptions and hidden fees. Get our app for just $24.95 (with SALE promo) – a flat rate that gives you lifetime access. No more monthly payments, no limitations. It's yours forever.
  • Flexible Price Adjustments: Tailor your pricing strategy like never before. Adjust prices by category, type, tag, or across your entire product range. Enjoy the freedom to set precise margins and cents for both Compare Price and Prices.

  • Markdown Items & 'Sale' Tag Management: Take charge of your promotions. Manually set items at a desired percentage of the original price and tag them as 'Sale' to attract customers and boost sales visibility.

    SEO-Boosting ALT Text Automation: Enhance your product visibility on search engines. Our app automatically adjusts ALT text for your product images, improving SEO and making your site more accessible.

  • Effortless Google Taxonomy Integration: Optimize your products for Google search with ease. Set up gender, age group, and category for your products, streamlining their visibility on search engines.

  • Seamless CSV Support: Manage bulk updates efficiently. Our app works directly with Shopify exported product CSVs, saving you hours of manual work.

You can Preview the app here, Since I only have Windows machine, it won't be available for OSX. Anyone Interested in purchasing the app, just reply. 

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