New restriction for Custom apps on development stores?

New restriction for Custom apps on development stores?

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Is it a new restriction that we cannot install custom apps on development stores w/out making them non-transferrable? I have a custom app that has been under active development for at least the last 3 years. It used to be that I would have no problems creating a new development store and then installing the custom app via the install link in the app setup. 


Recently I have run into a problem where I get an issue on the redirect from the install link saying "The installation link for this app is invalid. The link for installing <app name> cannot be used. Contact the app developer for more information." I am the app developer and I don't have more information ha


Now, if I install the app through the app setup page by selecting a development store, it works (and also makes the store non-transferable). OR if I make the store non-transferrable first, and then visit the install link, it works. Again, I have never had issues installing our custom app on development stores until recently. 


I don't know if it has to do with the following, and if the following is a newer restriction: 



By default, development stores are transferable to merchants. However, store transfer is disabled if the store uses functionality that can’t be transferred to a live store. After store transfer is disabled, it can't be transferred to a merchant.


After store transfer is disabled on a development store, the change can’t be reversed. If you want to transfer anything that you developed in a transfer-disabled store to a client, then you need to recreate your changes in a new development store.

Development store transfer is permanently disabled in the following cases:

When you attempt to perform any action that will cause transfer to be disabled for a development store, a warning appears before the store is converted.

Transfer-disabled stores have a Store transfer disabled label in the Shopify admin.


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@Bgardner  Yes, it seems like there has been a recent change in Shopify's policy regarding the transferability of development stores when certain actions are taken. If you install a custom app or a draft app on a development store, or if you enable developer preview, it can result in the transfer being disabled for that store. This is likely the reason you are facing issues with the installation link and the store becoming non-transferable. It's advisable to check Shopify's documentation or contact their support for the most accurate and up-to-date information on this matter.

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