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Newest Way to do Group Buying

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The PowerBuy Shopify app is the most effective way for you to cash in on the newest eCommerce trend, group buying. 

Group buying is gaining traction exponentially and on an international scale. Here’s how it works. Merchants create deals on products across their site, either for one product or for multiple-SKU products in a bundle.

Shoppers see deals they want and must share the deal with their social media network to receive the lower price. 

If their friends and family also want the product, they can join in a group with the first shopper to purchase the item or multi-SKU bundle, which drives the deal price even lower. The more people in a group buy, the lower the price for shoppers goes.

This amplifies the brand awareness for the merchant’s store, as good deals often go viral. It cuts down on marketing spend and increases ROI through conversions.

Check out PowerBuy and get started on growing your business today!


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