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I am working through the development of an app on my localhost using ngrok.  What I am trying to figure out is what are the resources required to run the app once I am done.  Would I need to create a domain and use a webhosting package or are there other services that I can use to host the app?


Have checked the Shopify docs but cannot pinpoint anything comprehensive that fills the gap between developing the app and having it submitted for review and ready for the App Store.



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Hi @siric1881 , You need to create the domain in order to take the app live on shopify app store. 


The steps required to host and deploy your app on Shopify are as follows:


Purchase a Domain: Select and register a domain name that accurately describes the nature and function of your app.


Choose a Hosting Provider: Find a hosting provider that will suit your app's technical needs. This service will offer the server infrastructure you need to run your app successfully online.


Deploy Your App: Upload the source code and application files to the hosting service. Verify that everything is set up properly.


Using domain name: Log into your Shopify developer account and find the appropriate settings for app integration to integrate with Shopify. As the App URL, enter the domain name you previously bought.

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