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I have a new prospect that's a non-profit. They have a site on WIX and I would like to move them to Shopify. Here's what they need. Can you help me find apps that can meet their requirements or provide other recommendations?

In terms of functionality, they need:
e-commerce capabilities
An online direct donation option
Additionally, they would like to incorporate some type of shared message board that allows others to comment. I know this would have to be monitored in some way, but their vision is to have a sort of graffiti wall populated with cancer survivor's comments.

Thoughts as to apps that will work?

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Hi there, @s4


Welcome to the Community! Definitely a great place to gather some input regarding anything about the platform!


When it comes to your criteria, this is definitely something that Shopify can provide for your new business venture. The platform provides all basic and core e-commerce capabilities for you and your business. Please checkout this help document that goes over our Key Features.


As for the rest of your criteria, checkout the following apps that will help you achieve these features: 


  • Donate Source : this app will allow you to offer donations in your store
  • Easy Donation : this app as well will allow for you to offer donations in your store
  • PeerBoard Forum and Community : this app will allow you to build a forum board where visitors can express whatever it is they want that is aligned to what you want the board to be about.
  • Champ Forum : another forum app that will allow you to create those discussion boards you are after.


All apps come highly rated from the app store. Definitely give these a try as it can achieve the features you have outlined in your inquiry. Also, if you haven't already, I always recommend giving our 14 day free trial a try as it is a great way to get a firsthand feel of the platform and see how our features can help you and your new business. 


I look forward to hearing from you on how these resources work for what you are after.

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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Hey @s4 

Took a look at @Daniel's response and you are in good hands with those recommendations.

One thing that we have found (at virtue)  which may help is to show the impact of your donations to the customers ... eg showing on the site that for every £20 donated XYZ service will be provided to children in need.

If you are looking for interesting fundraising ideas on the site, you can try adding products where the item is the service provided. Eg, you can buy a meal or a counselling session directly on the site instead of just a regular donate button.

And, if your client happens to be in the UK you can check out our integration as well.