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Notes not showing up on Shippo

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I am fairly new to Shopify and really like it so far except for a few issues. For this forum, I will ask just one question. Does anyone know how to get customer notes and discounts to show up on Shippo? I am using Shippo for shipping and can't see if a customer notes are to designate a gift shipment or if they have a question. Also, we use promo codes for certain discounts or freebies and those don't show up on Shopify either. Thanks for any input. - Andrea at White Rock Granola in Dallas

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Not sure if Shippo can do it, but our App, Ship&co does.
Customer's note will be shown on the order page on Ship&co. If you ship using FedEx, DHL or UPS, Ship&co can help you to print labels and fulfill your Shopify orders.

Notes added even after an order placed on your Shopify store will be synced automatically to your Shipandco account.

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