Number Variant Selection or Link Quantity to Variants

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I currently use a bundling app to create bundles of products that also have variants of those bundles. These variants represent different options based on how many people the bundle is for. There are options for 6-24. I'm hoping not to have a dropdown where these variants are selected but instead use the same input field type as quantity. Also, I'd like to disable the quantity field with a default of 1.


Another option would be linking the quantity field with a numbered variant and using a plugin to limit quantity values.

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Hi @GarrettW27,

Consider exploring the capabilities of the Easify Product Options app for your requirements. This app facilitates the addition of a Quantity field directly onto your product page 🤗, providing the flexibility to set minimum and maximum values for user input (e.g., min 6 and max 24).





Furthermore, the app allows seamless integration with your product variants, ensuring that the quantity entered by the customer deducts inventory in a precise manner.




To offer more tailored guidance, could you share additional details about your website and products? This information would enable me to provide more specific recommendations on how to optimize the setup for your unique needs.

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