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Hi there..


I can't find Oberlo app in my shopify app store!! did they remove it or what?

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I find that Oberlo is no more available in Shopify store after talking with the support team.

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Well, Oberlo will be shut down on 15 June, 2022. You'd better switch to other dropshipping apps such as DSers. It is an optimal solution service with which Oberlo cooperates to enable you to use all features you need to grow your business. 


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I'd suggest Dropified. It has way more features and easy to use interface.

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They have decided to sunset the application. Check out Dropified - https://apps.shopify.com/shopified-app

New plans for Shopify and former Oberlo users! 

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Hi @zaaiinb1616 

Yes, Oberlo was removed from the app store. Syncee is one of the best Oberlo alternative. Try it for free:


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I see a lot of alternatives in the market that provide migration like DSers, Spocket, Ali Orders... I tried Ali Orders, migrated all my data from Oberlo smoothly. And more importantly, it's free.

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They are shutting down. Please check out dropified. https://apps.shopify.com/shopified-app