Offering multiple shipping options for subscriptions - recurring orders

Offering multiple shipping options for subscriptions - recurring orders

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I have recently migrated from Wordpress to Shopify, and even though I'm happy with this new platform, the fact that ONLY ONE shipping option is available in the checkout for subscriptions is a huge disappointment.


I know I'm not the only merchant suffering from this issue, and I also know that this issue is known at least since 2021 and nothing have been done to implement changes.


In my case : customers can only choose standard shipping (most expensive) with subscriptions. However, I need them to be able to choose between standard delivery AND Mondial Relay, as it is the case for one-time purchase. I'm loosing a lot of customers because of this.


No doubt that Shopify and merchants are loosing money here and opportunities to grow ! The subscription box market is huge and still growing 😉


Please if you are concerned by this issue : reply to this message so that Shopify can realize how many merchants it affects !


My question to the Shopify team : have you any news about when this issue will be resolved ?


Many thanks



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We have a subscription app and our merchants are facing the same problem. This is even more of an issue for ones that use pickup location apps as they cannot reuse the correct address. As you can see in the screenshot below, Shopify automatically chooses an incorrect address to deliver subsequent orders to:


Screenshot 2024-06-17 at 16.59.19.png