One app for pickup/delivery/shipping?

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I operate a single brick and mortar location, as well as an online store. We currently offer the following through Shopify's own shipping and fulfillment capabilities:


1) Store pickup at our brick and mortar location

2) Shipping on some items (we use custom shipping rates to designate which items are eligible to ship)

3) Local delivery to a handful of zip codes.

We'd like to add store pickup at a SECOND location that does not stock inventory. We can't do this through Shopify, because it requires that we add inventory to the second location in order to fulfill orders. We won't be warehousing inventory at that second location. All orders will still be fulfilled at our brick and mortar store. 

I've explored multiple apps, and get SO CLOSE to getting everything I want. However, every app I find that allows us to have multiple pickup locations and local delivery either overrides our custom shipping rates, so that shipping is no longer available, or won't work at all if we have custom shipping rates.

I know this is a long laundry list of wants, but it wouldn't even be necessary to find a 3rd party app to do this if Shopify would just allow us to have more than one pickup location without stocking inventory to the other locations. A girl can dream, right?

Anyone have any suggestions or workarounds? Or maybe you could just remind me that getting local pickup in one additional location (even if it is a whole separate market for our products and even if I do have another business owner happy to deliver my products to that location for me for free) probably isn't worth all this bother?

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Hey @MargueriteJ,

I'm wondering if this is possible by using Intuitive Shipping and Store Pickup + Delivery. We have an integration with them, and from what you're describing, it sounds like you can use both of us to get the result you are looking for. If you wanted to book a demo with our team (I recommend Paul, he does most of our Zapiet integration support), you can chat about this and see if the combination of both apps gets you the results you are looking for. 

Warm regards,

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This is promising - I'll book a demo for tomorrow and report back.

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Hi @MargueriteJ 

This is a classic use case of problem that our app "Konigle" solves for many of our existing customers. You can easily add a store pick up at second location that does not stock inventory via our app.You don't need to warehouse any inventory in the second location and can fulfill all your orders from your brick and mortar store.

We would love to give you a demo of the same.You can go through all the features in the demo and see the value that we can deliver for you and your business

It is completely integrated with Shopify and is available on Shopify app store(App name: Konigle).We are currently working with multiple small businesses/ manufacturers who sell both online and offline -on shopify and otherwise as well.

Link attached here:

Apart from the above our app also provides various other functionalities which can help you streamlining your operations.The access to the app helps you do a lot more as detailed below:

  • Shipping Management
  • inventory control alerts
  • collaboration over an order-complete order management lifecycle
  • Affiliate Management
  • automated invoicing
  • payment tracking alerts
  • abandoned cart free SMS alerts.
  • understock and overstock alerts.

We do offer a free trial as well and email/chat/phone (24*7) support to help you set up.Feel free to reach out to me to take the discussion ahead..(my coordinates-in signature)

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I think what Marguerite was thinking of, as well as myself, is that we should be able to have the CHOICE to either have stock at multiple locations, or not. Why is there no option to turn on or off stock?

Also, we shouldn't have to keep buying apps to solve these problems that come up. This is a simple option that should be already available, and I don't understand why it is not. I already pay for so many extra apps per month, and I'm getting really tired of getting dinged for yet another feature that should be part of the package I pay for.

Conversely, if there is a simple workaround, it would be really nice if Shopify would write an article on how to do this, but I haven't found one yet.

Shopify, you keep pushing off onto app creators these features that you should already have incorporated into your e-commerce package. It's disappointing.