Online Store 2.0 - App block form theme app extension not appearing in the theme editor

Online Store 2.0 - App block form theme app extension not appearing in the theme editor

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 I am experimenting with creating App Blocks for development store. I am following along with the documentation here.

I have followed the theme app extension getting started guide   and everything works fine except the app is not appearing in the Apps in the Add Section popup of theme editor. 

Is this because my app is draft?

This question has been bothering me for a long time. Any help or ideas would be appreciated, thanks!




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I'm having the same issue over here... Were you able to work out what the problem was?




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I am having the same issue. I have follow all the steps. Extension is created and published.
But when I go to theme editor(Customize) App block doesn't appear.
I am using new store with latest Dawn theme.

Let me know If anyone find the reason behind it or find any solution.

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I ran into this issue too! The problem was that my draft store had been created long enough ago that it internally did not support app blocks; creating a new, otherwise-identical draft store worked just fine. It had nothing to do with the installed theme, and was entirely based on creation date of the draft store environment. 


So, yeah! If you're using an older draft store, try "turning it off and back on again" and generating a new draft store to see if that fixes it. 

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Hey guys, this was also frustrating me. I figured out the solution: 


You need to enable the theme app extension for testing in development stores. So head to, then (apps > <your app> > extensions > theme app extension > enable development store preview) and it will be there where you expect it!