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I have a password protected page on my store where I installed  Nowinstore Catalog for my wholesale clients. I thought it would be a great advantage to have the abilitiy for wholesale buyers to shop and purchase through my retail site,as well as download the .pdf catalogue.  Nowinstore seemed like the answer.


This app is completely unreliable. I have now built the same catalog 3 times,  and if I make any changes to the photos, the prices reset. It is a mess. Thier customer support is trying, but it has wasted so much of my time and energy, I want to scream. AND it is $59/month. Seriously?! That is a lot of money for something that is unreliable and in beta. I am done.

Any ideas on a better sollution?




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Well, we've got a catalog app dedicated to this sort of thing. A basic version is free right now, and we're in the process of rolling out a premium version that's going to be perfect for your needs:

If you want to get set up as an early user, we can set up an extended trial, say, for a month?

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I'm sorry to hear about your terrible experience, Maria. It sounds like you should unsubscribe from Nowinstore immediately. It sounds like it has a lot of bugs and it isn't fitting your needs. If I may ask, what are you trying to do with your shop? What would a perfect Wholesale Catalogue app look like?

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Hi Maria,

in case you're still looking for a solution, I can recommend Wholesale Bear.

There's no need to duplicate your catalog, the app applies discounts and pricing rules based on your current set of products.

In addition, the app includes the following features:

  • Wholesale pricing based on customers tags
  • Net terms orders
  • Custom shipping rates
  • Discount rounding
  • Target specific countries
  • Pricing time limits
  • Tax exempt
  • Analytics
  • Themes 2.0 compatible!

Our team is always happy to help with setup if needed!


Customer Success @ Conversion Bear

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Please try


Probbably all you need to make great catalog in pdf and show to user as flipbook.