OpenID/SSO (key cloak) and shopify app safety

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Hey everyone, 


I'm looking currently for an app that provides SSO / OpenID and so far I'm quite critical about the apps regarding this topic. I digged a bit into two apps in the store and did some research. Handling login data from customers is a sensitive topic. I'll not mention that companies by name but the impression I got so far is startling. No legal person or company mentioned, privacy policy that's not confidence inspiring and mentioned partners on their webpage which sound too good to be true. 


That brings me to my question. Is it safe to assume that all apps which are currently in the store are safe to use? Is shopify checking also the code of those apps for phishing or similar exploits? I read the article,maintain%2....
but it sounded like shopify does sometimes check beforehand but not always. Why would it otherwise be necessary to drop apps from the store?


I'll be happy to hear your assessment and perhaps you have any recommendation for an app that handles openID/SSO (key cloak).




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