Option configure related of the sum of two values

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Hello guys, I would like to ask if you know an app or a customization that allows me to auto calculate the size that a customer put in the option form.
I mean, this is my product page (a cutting board):
open this link and select "MISURA PERSONALIZZATA" option

In this step, my customer can select a customized size, and based on the sum of the measures they insert, the price of the cutting board varies. I would like that, for example, if a customer enters LUNGHEZZA (width) = 60 and PROFONDITA (depth) = 80 (so the sum of the two equal to 140), variant 2 is automatically selected, that is "Width + Depth ≤ 150 cm +45€ ", so the customers don't have to select by themself.
I don't know if I made myself clear, just in case let me know, thanks.
Best regards,
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