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Hi there! I'm starting an online customizable gift box company and I'm trying to bundle some items into box selections and make it work with inventory and prices.
I'm looking for an app that will help me allow customizable options for products and track my inventory.
The customer gets to choose a pre-curated box of select items, but then they get to specify the scents and flavours of those items. So if I have a Box that contains a candle, bath bomb and soap bar- they can choose from 4-6 different scents or flavours.
I need my inventory to track that a lemon soap bar, eucalyptus bath bomb and coconut candle got chosen from the drop down menus.
I have created a product in my store called, RELAX BOX (which has a bath bomb, zero waste soap and soy wax candle in it) It's $55.
The problem I'm having with some apps - is that my Relax Box already has a price of $55, but when the customer gets to choose from the drop down menu the specified scents- the individual prices of those items gets added to the $55 box. (candle is $25, soap is $14, bath bomb is $8)
I think I need to keep my individual prices for my individual items in shopify as people will also be given the option to completely customize a box from scratch and I want to keep the total price of the box advertised as it includes the pricing of packaging. Do you have any suggestions in making something like this work?
Also, is there a way of adding group values together? Like everytime that I have to add Soap Bars to another box- can all the option values just automatically come up so I don't have to keep entering them one by one?
I'm sure this is a bit confusing, but if anyone has any app suggestions that will do what I need it to do- please share!
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It sounds a bit like you have custom use cases. As I understand it, you have a product that is really a group of products, and instead of swapping out one of those items, instead the cart is just adding them (box + 1 item etc). You might be able to resolve your issue with the use of product variants. But tracking inventory in such a manner isn't exactly what it was intend for. You probably need custom code. It would take some strategizing to produce an optimal solution.

Feel free to give me a shout ilia.reingold@gmail.com

Perhaps we can come up with a solution.

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Hi Ilia,

I would really appreciate your expertise in helping me get my shop up and running how I'm envisioning it! I've heard to reach out to shopify support with my questions as you have been really helpful to other shop owners!
I'm launching a custom gift box company and I'm struggling with finding a way to make it work properly.
I have 2-3 options I would like to offer to my customers in how to create their gift box.
Option 1: A semi-customizable gift box- This box has pre-selected items in the box
For example: Soap bar, bath bomb, candle and chocolate bar
I would like the customer to be able to customize their soap bar scent, bath bomb scent, candle scent and chocolate bar flavour from drop down menus.
This box has a price of $60.  When the customer picks the scent and flavour for each of the individual items for the box, the price of those individual items gets added to the total price of the box.  I don't know how to rectify this issue and have the individual scents and flavoured items get tracked in my inventory.
I installed the infinite options app to my site and it doesn't seem to do exactly what I need it to do.
Option 2: A completely customizable gift box- the customer builds their own gift box from the individual items from my shop
For example: The customer chooses coffee, lavender soap, espresso chocolate, triangle earrings,  dark wood soap dish and blue tea towel from all the items listed in my shop.
Option 3: Preset items in the box that are not interchangeable
For example: Orange bath bomb, coconut candle, lemon soap and grey towel is pre-set by me and the customer just clicks on this preset box.
I would also like the option to have the customer click add-on to a soap dish anytime someone picks a soap bar.
I would value any advice you have to share with me! Thank you so so much for your help! I look forward to your reply!