Order-create webhook runs multiple times

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I have a order-create webhook in my store which sends data to my API but the problem is that the webhook is running multiple times. I've read the documentation and saw that we should respond within 5 seconds to prevent the webhook to fire again, so what i did is I queued the tasks for latter and immediately responded with a 200 OK status and then proceeded with the tasks inside the function, but still it does not work how i  want it to. 


Any idea how to fix this?

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Hello, we are having same issue with order-update webhook. Did you find any cause or solution to this particular problem? Thanks.

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Same webhook issue,
When the product is added in the shopify dashboard, we are getting add, update both webhooks for the same product.

When we add the product we should get only add webhook call.

currently we are getting products/create, products/update both webhook, due to that product adding multiple times our end, let us know is there any reason triggering both webhooks ?