Order creation with local pickup delivery method via API

Order creation with local pickup delivery method via API

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Is there a way to create an order in Shopify via API (REST or GraphQL) with a local pickup delivery method and a selected location for the pickup? The closest thing I can find in the documentation is the `shipping line` field, but I don't seem to find a shipping line that corresponds to a local pickup. When creating such an order through native checkout flow and then getting the created order via API, I can see the `shipping line` field to be set with a local pickup handle (see the code input below), but it doesn't work when applied manually to the order or checkout created through API.



            "shippingLine": {
                "source": "shopify",
                "deliveryCategory": null,
                "custom": false,
                "code": "Austin Texas local pickup",
                "carrierIdentifier": "650f1a14fa979ec5c74d063e968411d4",
                "shippingRateHandle": "shopify-Austin%20Texas%20local%20pickup-0.00"



I also tried Storefront Cart API to get a local pickup rate for the cart, but the list of delivery options for the created cart also doesn't include local pickup options, only shipping ones.

So, basically there are two questions:
1. How do I create an order with local pickup option selected so that it looks like the one on the screenshot below
2. How do I get a list of local pickup options for a cart (or a checkout)?
Screenshot 2024-04-29 at 22.25.15.png

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