Order fulfillment by scanning barcode on order

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To avoid mistakes, I would like to use an iPad or PC if an iPad is no option, with (wireless) barcode scanner to fulfill the order by scanning a barcode on the order immediately after its packed in our seperate packing area.


Current situation:


- Filter on paid and unfulfilled orders

- print the orders

- pack the orders

- fulfill the orders manually after orders are packed


Desired situation:


- Filter on paid and unfulfilled orders

- print the orders

- pack an order

- fulfill the order using barcode scanner immediately after packing

- repeat untill all orders are done


Is there an app that could do this? I have found apps that are used mostly for inventory but not one that specifically does this.


Thanks for your help.

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Hi! I would be interested in the answer to this question too! We're a farm market with online ordering and would like to do barcode scans for fulfillment when orders arrive at the pickup point


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This sounds awesome and would improve productivity 1000%. However Shopify doesn't offer this out of the box and would be a custom solution. First you'll need a system of picking orders. That system will be the one to change the status in Shopify. So you'll also need an integration, see where I'm going with this? If you have a budget, something like this is up our alley. If you're in Canada we'll even come visit your location as part of the setup and testing. 


If you were to do this on your own start with a simple barcode reader and a laptop. The initial ground work or baby steps is to pull up an order from Shopify and be able to scan items. Once each item is scanned the order on Shopify is updated as fulfilled. Each scan should match the product # on the order. This is the basic idea and would make sense if you have more than one picker with hundreds of orders to fulfill. 


If you would like to hear more and discuss the solution you can contact me directly at admin@achieveapplabs.com.







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Hi , 

Just saw your post now and I think our app Scan and Ship (http://apps.shopify.com/scan-and-ship ) does what you are looking for . 

If you have any questions drop me an email paul@scanandship.com




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A bit late, but if you're still looking for a simple app to pick products, scan barcodes, and pack orders, try our "Pick List" app.



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Also late, but check out our all-in-one order checking app:


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Hi, did you ever find a solution to this problem? I'm currently looking for the exact same thing but not having much look.