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Order Management

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can anyone guide me to an order management App for Shopify that will enable us to:

Communicate with vendors at key moments (statuses) in our production process

Communicate with customers during key moments in our custom manufacturing process

Track vendor comments

Track customer comments

 Thank you

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Sounds like an interesting data flow. What specific statuses are you looking at automating communication of? I'm thinking if it relates to orders or PO's then something like passing specific statuses into Klaviyo might be sufficient as you can then set up automations around those segments. If it more internal related rather than sales then you may need to investigate ERP systems.

We have a collaborative functionality that you can invite suppliers into regarding product data. You could customise it to trigger emails at certain product data pipelines but it would also depend on how you track these events. Comments could be easily added from suppliers but for customers you may need to still use something like Klaviyo if related to orders. We have a Klaviyo integration that we build specific data flows as well. You could also try Mailchimp but I am thinking Klaviyo has really advanced segmentation possibilities.



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Hi @marcjuliab 

I am responsible for customer success for Konigle (, order management is one of the key function impacting profitability for any online business. At Konigle we have expertise in delivering an end to end order management solution with deep analytics to turn every order into profit making opportunity. Along with profit improvement alerts for each shopify order konigle automatically creates an invoice that you can customise and send to your customers and also reminds you for pending payments to help you track payments against orders too.

We have a chat functionality within our app ecosystem which enables you to communicate with your vendors and customers in real time and capture their feedback/comments

Moreover, Shopify app also integrates with the Konigle mobile apps to help you do all of this on the go too.

If you would be so kind to try the app and help us set it up, just install the app and ping us on our support chat, and we would set you up.


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