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Hello Gents,

We recently installed the Order Printer App and it worked ok for a day or two. At first, there where no default templates "Order Printer Template" "Packing Slip Template" but somehow they magically turned up??

So we decided to use the defaults, our goal was to capture a custom card message on the front end when a user buys flowers this would be achieved using "line_item.properties" as this is passed to the order table.



 <div class="line-item-property__field">
    <textarea id="enter-your-card-message" name="properties[Enter your card message]"></textarea>

{% for line_item in line_items %}
      {{ line_item.properties.first }}
  {% endfor %}




We tried the following in the default packing slip template and the message was shown but it also had extra information being pulled in, we just wanted to extract the "value" of what the user was entering in the text-area but an example of this being pulled in is like: "Enter your card message "Happy anniversary sweetheart" & also some id from another app called Store Pickup + Delivery"

We just need the value "Happy anniversary sweetheart"

On another note, a day later the app decides to not give me the default templates, I managed to find: order-template.liquid here https://gist.github.com/enamhasan/eb9606a078b635fb54d6 but I cannot find the default order packing slip template?

Would appreciate it if someone could provide this. 🙂

We uninstall the app and reinstalled it to find now we cant access the app and we get the following Error :S




Maybe this is an access token issue or something I have done to the template, who knows 😄 I have tried installing the app on another test store and it installs fines but no default template.


Cheers Tony


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