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I want to set up a logic to tag a gift when a specific product is purchased for 8,000 yen or more. There are some cautions. If the total order amount is 8,000 yen or more, including non-specified products, the tag should not be given. Example. Specific item (¥5,000) + Specific item (¥3,000) = Total order amount ¥8,000 → Add a tag. Specified product (5,000 yen) + Non-specified product (3,000 yen) = Total order amount of 8,000 yen → No tag will be assigned.


Please let me know if there are any apps that can meet these requirements.

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Hi, @SUU1!

Thanks for reaching out about this.

Just so that I understand correctly, are you wanting to include a free gift for customers who spend a certain amount (and include eligible products) on orders for your store?

If so, this might be something a third-party app on our Shopify App store can help with. I took a look at some gift apps and was able to find a couple that you might be interested in. Feel free to take a closer look at them:

It looks like these two apps are able to configure at least one of the two requirements you outlined. So looking into these two apps is a good starting point, and I'd also highly recommend you get in touch with the app developers to query and confirm the app's functionalities further. Because these apps are made by third-party developers outside of Shopify, they'd be best equipped to answer any specific questions you may have about the app.

If however what you're looking for is a way to automate your order workflow, so that orders that meet specific requirements will be automatically tagged on your end, then you can take a look at some order tag apps here on our Shopify App store. This one here is an example of such app that will allow you to streamline your fulfilment with an automated order tagging system.

In any case, including free gifts for eligible customer orders is a great way to motivate customer purchase, as well as increase your store's order value. If you're looking for further strategies in increasing your order value, check out this Shopify blog for some helpful tips and tricks. It talks about several plan of actions you can implement for your store, such as setting up a customer loyalty program to reward your returning customers. I highly recommend going through the blog and take notes of any potential strategies that you feel may work for your business!

Let me know how you get on with the information above! I'd be happy to help if you have any other questions.

Kimi | Social Care @ Shopify 
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If you mean tag the customer when they order with these conditions, usemechan is an automation app you can script with custom complex business rules like this.

Some examples of premade scripts https://tasks.mechanic.dev/?q=tag%20customer 



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@SUU1 I can take care of that for you today if you'd like, we have an app called Order Automator that handles stuff like this + more. Just send me a PM or contact my team at speedboostr.com/contact. We have a lot of options for situations to tag + free customizations so you can do just about anything you want. We also have other automation features + we regularly add more stuff. Developed by a team of Shopify experts dedicated to help level up your store and save you time by automating tasks.

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Hi @SUU1 👋,

We have just released a new Auto Tagging tool within our app Giftship, which I believe will be the only tagging tool flexible enough to accomplish what you are looking for.

It's set up can be very specific, with layered Conditions that can cover your needs here.

Here is an article that gives a quick introduction: https://docs.giftship.app/article/introduction-to-auto-tagging-%ef%b8%8f%e2%83%a3/

We would be more than happy to help get this rule set up for you with personal onboarding. Please let us know if you would like to try it out! support@gist-apps.com