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OrderLogic app Not limiting products properly (Max Quantity)

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Hi guys,


The issue I'm having is that the OrderLogic app isn't limiting products properly when using tag constraints. We sell sample kits of the different products, and we need to limit customer orders to one kit of any type per cart/order?

I've got it working currently when you try to add two of the same sample kit, but we need it to work so that customers cant checkout with more than one of any type of sample kit.

I've setup a tag constraint using the tag "Sample Kit" on all of the sample kit products, but it's not working because you can still add each sample kit to the cart and check out.

In the OrderLogic app, under the "products" tab, I've set the max quantity limit to 1 for each sample kit. I've also set the Tag Constraints up under the "Tags" tab. Could this be possibly causing things not to work properly, like one cancelling out the other?

We originally tried the MinMaxify app, and it worked to limit quantity of all sample kits, but unfortunately it broke our site on mobile devices/browsers so it isn't an option currently.

Thanks in advance for your help. I greatly appreciate it.

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