Over 1,000 FB errors, but they are products that have been archived or deleted

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I am getting these messages on the Facebook Catalog Mgr.

     1K+ items have warnings
     These items have issues that will lower the quality of your catalog.
and also
     1K+ items failed to sync
     These items have issues which prevent them from being synced with your catalog.
     View the error report for more details and then go to Shopify to fix them.
I cannot download the entire report.  What they show me are all old products that have either been archived or deleted.

What is the process to keep the catalogs 'cleaned up' in both the Shopify Google and Facebook apps? 
Facebook display says it  "... it will lower the quality of your catalog
If we archive/delete a product in Shopify, shouldn't it get rid of it in any system we feed?  We get new products in constantly.  Most are 'one and done' designs.
We have MORE old products in Facebook than current ones.  This is a problem and something we can't do anything about.  We cannot delete products in FB
since Shopify owns the data.  We have even 'unchecked' the FACEBOOK CHANNEL and it is still in the FB catalog.
Can someone explain the process behind the scenes of these apps?  I can't find it in any documentation. 
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