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Page Fly app not being able to track FB Ads

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Hello, we are having a problem here with our Page Fly page builder app. 

We build a custom landing page which at the bottom of the page being a CTA with a few images. Each image take the customer to a product page where they can add to cart and then buy.

We added a few ad groups in Facebook Ads to test our page, but for my surprise after 3 days I see no value of the purchases being tracked in our facebook ads manager.  It only tracked the number of purchases, ATC , IC  but no value.

When contacting page fly support they said that they can't track the value of purchases which seems very odd to me since the facebook pixel is being detected on the page fly page (checked with facebook pixel helper), not only that but the page itself is under the same domain, and facebook should be able to track any values, same as it is tracking for our homepage.

Anyone has had any problems like this, maybe with other page builders? We used Shogun before and there was no problem in tracking. Thanks!

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Hey there, I think it is an error in Page builder that you are using and you can only discuss with the support or you can fix this by contacting an expert who has coding knowledge, But here i would like to suggest you to use a good page builder app such as Layoutbase Shopify landing page builder  ( which can help you and make your work easy and handy .



Sally Johnson - Ambassador