Re: Parent / Child product options with stock

Parent / Child product options with stock

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Hi, New to posting here, so hope this is the right thread. 

I am wondering if anyone is aware of an app that would allow a user to create products that act within parent / child relationship and take account of a central repository for stock on the child product?

I would like the parent products to appear on the website, but the child products not to appear directly for sale.  An example is that i have T-Shirts with multiple different designs available to buy - so they are listed as seperate propducts on the website.  I am looking an app that would allow me to set up the parent products as the name of each design as i currently have.  Then when a customer clicks on the design they have the variations available to select Size of T-Shirt and Colour or T-Shirt.  It would be these variations that i am looking to act as a child product to allow multiple parent products to feed of the same child products for stock count.  As in i could have 100 medium blue t-Shirts (child product) used on 10 design variations (parent products). 

At present we are having to assign a set number of Medium Blue T-Shirts to each T-Shirt design and then redistribute stock counts on all products and variations depending on what is selling better whereas i would like all products to feed off the 1 count of medium blue t-shirts, and once sold out, no T-Shirt design is available in Medium Blue etc.

Hope this makes some sense.

Thanks for any suggestions!

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This is a common use for our bundleup app as it lets users bundle each of their variations with stock from a parent product that could be linked with a number of other products. So when you sell one item we recalculate the inventory level of all linked products to that same parent item. 

I think you refer to parent/child products the opposite to what I refer to them so apologies if that is confusing. 

The only limitation is the inventory calculation is done post purchase rather than dynamically in cart so keep that in mind.

If you need a hand in setting or testing our app please email me.



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I don't know what is better to choose for my child, tell me who I can turn to ?

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I started a brand (10+ years ago now) that has a variety of products that can be made to order - - - and for each, we have three different types of fabric - and each type of fabric has available colors that are specific to that fabric type. 


Following Shopify Variation Traditional setup: variants for fabric Types would only work if the colors were the same for each fabric type.


Sooo... different products!  Each Product was a material option.  Did this for two years.  Confusing for customers - - - and has caused conflicts with web crawlers (diluted our search results over multiple products).  Other problems?  Every time we did a launch - had to launch 3 products.  Update?  3 Products. 


A parent / child relationship (similar to themes) came to mind as a great option... and a search led me here.  We need if/then logic that keeps work and bandwidth required to a minimum.  


1.0) BAG

 Any Global Variations handled here... such as:

 Right Handed / Left Handed

 Small / Medium Large

 Mens / Womens

 IF PRODUCT HAS CHILD PRODUCTS - another Variation to make a Selection of Which of the Child Products you Want would appear.  

   Child Product - 1.1) BAG NYLON

       --- Variations are available colors / options specific to this fabric choice

  Child Product - 1.2) BAG CANVAS

       --- Variations are available colors / options specific to this fabric choice

  Child Product - 1.3) BAG VINYL

       --- Variations are available colors / options specific to this fabric choice

   Child Product - 2.1) A future iteration of the Nylon Bag... etc.


If I'm apple - I want my customers to be able to click "iPhone"  - - - then choose the option. same goal here.  



Parent Product becomes the visible center for search engines, referrals, and can stay the home for any product reviews over the life of a product and its revisions over time.  Child Products are essentially models available today - that can drop off easily when no longer relevant.  Key details here should overwrite Parent details IF they are present (just as parent / child themes) - - - like product dimensions and WEIGHT!!!  (different fabrics we use change the end weight).