Partner Program Agreement - How do we assure our previous integration conforms with PPA changes

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We have an integration with Shopify for our ERP solution, this is NOT web based but built with FileMaker; it queries Shopify for new orders, downloads them into the ERP for fulfillment, then updates Shopify when the order has shipped. Because the ERP is not web-based we’ve been unable to publish it to the Shopify App Store, which is fine given our business model.

Currently we have our customer create a private app within their Shopify Admin console, at which point we make the connection to the ERP.


Our app is not downloaded in to Shopify as any form of extension etc in any aspect we simply need authorized access via the API to their data, which previously was using a key etc as created for a private app.


We now want to use this integration for more than one of our clients so I believe the private App solution is no longer applicable according to the  PPA.




  1. The PPA guide now says apps have to be installed  "installed or otherwise initiated directly on or through applicable Shopify surfaces”, this appears to mean for our circumstance, via an unlisted APP on the APP store ?
  2. Am I correct the authorization of the app will need to be changed in order to follow APP guide i.e we need to implement O.Auth 2.0 ?
  3. so to fulfill the new APP guide It appears we have to
    • Apply to have our integration / APP  "Approved" via the app approval process.
    • As mentioned have Authentication via O.Auth 2.0
  4. Are the any other Requirements we need to fulfill for PPA compliance.


Note: we responded directly to the notification of the PPA update but we were given no direct answers Only directed to the forums hence this question.


Thank you for any help






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I would very much appreciate the same guidance on this issue as well.