Partners can’t leave reviews on the Shopify App Store

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I'm trying to leave a review for the Weglot app which I used on one of the stores I've designed and manage.

I'm getting an error message saying: Partners can’t leave reviews on the Shopify App Store


Screenshot 2020-11-03 at 10.01.10.png


Does it mean anyone who belongs to the Shopify Partner program cannot leave reviews? If so, what's the reasoning behind it, I use the apps like anyone else.


Thank you!

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Shopify Partner
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Yup - same message here. This is insane. Stop the people who are experts and who know Shopify best from leaving reviews of apps - great idea.

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The more I am forced to use shopify, the more convinced I am that it is either a total scam, or it is simply unfinished and nobody from shopify cares that it is unfinished. I just lost a week's worth of work to some bullshit app (don't get me started on shopify apps- absolute garbage system) and I am not even allowed to write a review. Do these people live in a fantasy camp? Do they not realize that this costs us time, money and effort? Shopify is a joke.