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Hello, I am looking for a way to make the price of a product fully customizable by the customer so they can enter the value of their choice. I have seen in other threads that people say to make the product $1 and then many products can be added to the basket, but this doesn't cover the cases where customers want to enter $1.44 values for example.

I have looked at this app: but it seems rather slow to load. I also came across an app called Batch, but their fees were extremely high.

Why do I want this feature? We are a university so we would like to receive tuition payments through Shopify, and of course each student has a different balance to pay off, so we would like the option for a student to click "Make a tuition payment" and then enter whatever number they would like to pay towards their tuition.

Is there an easier way to achieve this? I look forward to your responses.


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Hi there, 

I'm looking for the exact same thing. 
Did you find a solution?