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I have shopify plus Plan.
I created the payment private APP and created the raft order after that I tried to get the payment options like manual payment "Bank Deposit", "Store Credit", etc.. [ ].
I have used this Shopify API [ https://$shopifyDomain/admin/api/2023-07/checkouts/$checkout_id/payment_methods.json ] but an error is coming ["Not Found"].

Please help me.


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Hey Sandeep! @sandeep008 


You have reached the German community here but we can chat in English too, that's no problem! 😉


The issue you're encountering seems to be related to using an incorrect endpoint or missing some required steps and consulting our API developer documentation I may know what is going wrong here


Here are some steps you can take to try to resolve this issue:

  1. Creating a Draft Order: First, you must ensure that your draft order is correctly created using the POST /admin/api/2023-07/draft_orders.json endpoint.

  2. Completing the Checkout for a Draft Order: Once you have a draft order, you need to complete the checkout for this order. This means converting a draft order to a checkout, which users can then use to finish their purchase. Use the PUT /admin/api/2023-07/draft_orders/#{draft_order_id}/complete.json endpoint for this.

  3. Retrieve Checkout ID: Once the draft order is converted to a checkout, you should be able to get a checkout ID.

  4. Retrieve Payment Methods for Checkout: With the checkout ID in hand, you should then access the endpoint to get the available payment methods: https://$shopifyDomain/admin/api/2023-07/checkouts/$checkout_id/payment_methods.json.

A few things to consider:

  • Ensure that the $shopifyDomain is correctly replaced with your Shopify domain.

  • Make sure $checkout_id is valid and exists. You would have received it when you completed the checkout for the draft order.

  • Verify that your private app has the required permissions to access draft orders, checkouts, and payment methods. If there are any missing permissions, you'd need to update the permissions for your app.

If you've done all the above steps and are still facing the issue, then the problem might be with Shopify's internal processing. In such cases, it's a good idea to reach out to the Shopify Plus support team or refer to their updated API documentation to ensure there hasn't been a change in the API structure or endpoints.

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